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. Identity - Genesis
APREIS is a nomad, mobile, flexible worldwide cooperative laboratory network based on a numerical platform. Created in September 2003 by the French non-profit NGO  which provides a laboratory for local sustainability research and action :

Nature - Object

-A scientific laboratory aiming at research - training - action - achievement
stressing intergenerational, interdisciplinary, inter-professional, intercultural relationships to implement sustainable global development through partnership
and interaction
-A civil source of information, proposals, initiatives, studies, projects
and achievements to implement local sustainable development
-A vector for transverse, transdisciplinary, transnational and interenvironmental, intercultural, intergenerational way of thinking

. Focus theme
Organizational modes, technologies, training, culture, business and employment
for sustainability
Industrial ecology, spontaneous popular economy, partnerships
Sustainable enterprise, ethical investments, equality of rights,
social equity and social integration
Fair trade, alternative transportation means, eco-tourism
Global prevention of the environmental risks
Intercultural dynamics, regional solidarities, decentralized co-operation
Trans-national co-operations, global governance
Community development, local democracy for responsibility

. Actions

Theoretical, practical and operational researches
Cross circulation and multilingual transfer of information, knowledge and abilities
Design and implementation of local development projects
Promotion of self-expression and involvement of young people and women in general
Vertical rise of climbing the civil society proposals
Public and private decision-making assistance

. Principles

Spacial, generational, social, cultural, disciplinary and professional decompartmentalization
Interactivities, inter-connections, interdependences
Global approaches,local and sectoral variations
Ethic of citizenship, social equity, equal opportunities and rights, responsibility and partnership
Intercultural creativity
Human engineering, popular genius and social innovation

Sustainable Development                      Imaginary of Sustainability
Desirable Development                          The Sustainability of Imaginary

From local to global and from global to local : doers, experts, researchers, civil society actors, entrepreneurs...,
link nomads who works
to develop a worldwide cooperative space of research-training-action-achievement on sustainability

Campo Conceitos Técnicas Desenhos Práticas Estratégias
Terrenos Conceptos Técnicas Diseños Prácticas Estrategias
Grounds Techniques Designs Concepts Practices Strategies
Terrains Techniques Designs Concepts Pratiques Stratégies


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